Go for it!
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After we left Auckland we headed to Coromandel Peninsula, a region on the east coast of New Zealand. Read more!
Den the Van
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After some pretty long flights, we finally arrived in Auckland where, to our suprise, everything went uncomplicated. We even got to our hostel 2 hours early and had to wait for the manager. Read more!
New Zealand we’re coming
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Not even 5 hours are remaining, until our flight brings us to Auckland. Our backpacks are packed up and the excitement level raises with every minute. Thoughts over the stuff we may have been forgotten are following us into the plane, where they will hopefully stop. Read more!
Robert Frank “London” Analyse deutsch/german
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Robert Frank: „London“   Einleitung   Schlägt man die Begriffe „einsam“ und „alleine“ im Duden nach, so findet man Erklärungen wie, „für sich alleine“, „verlassen“, „ohne die Anwesenheit, Gegenwart eines anderen oder anderer“, „für sich“ oder „vereinsamt“ (siehe Duden). All diese Begriffserklärungen sind uns bekannt und vermutlich kann sie jeder nachvollziehen. Read more!
Trio Valley
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Monument Valley is a majestic place over the day, but when the sun begins to set, everything  turns into a dreamland. Read more!
Game of Luck
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What is this world we are living in? More and more of our life turns into digits – information shown by zeros and ones, explaining everything. Game of Luck is a picture, which refers to the question, if there is any randomness hidden in our universe or if it’s all understandable and reasonable. Read more!
Bryce View
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Another shot of the Bryce Canyon. This one is my favourite pictures of the canyon because it inspires me and makes me think. It creates an atmosphere that catches your mind and let you sink into the image. Read more!
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Love the pure appearance of the Bryce Canyon! These majestic rock formations leave a lasting impression in everyones head. When I arrived there I was disappointed, due to the weather. The overcast day took away a lot of the impact the view could have. Read more!
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Wanderlust, the great demand to explore the world. There is something out there pulling us in, getting our attention and showing us that there has to be more in life than staying in one place. No matter whether you are poor or rich,  have strict parents or not, there is always a way to escape – your way. Therefore forget about fear, put on your shoes and go out there.   Read more!
Wanderlust, just a trend?
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Do our grandparents feel something like wanderlust, too? Thats an intersting topic to think about. It’s obvious that many young people would love to travel and see the world these days. The question is, did our parents or grandparents thought like us when they were young? Read more!