Northern Circuit
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After our exciting and sportive snowboarding, we thought why not do some more sport. Read more!
Snowboarding an Active Vulcano!
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Well, the headline sounds a bit more dramatic than it was but it is still true. Visiting the Tongariro national park, we rent ourselves a couple of boards and went to Mt Ruapehu, an active volcano. Read more!
Off The Track
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Hawke’s Bay is a beautiful region and thats why we didn’t want to leave it early. In the next several days we visited “Cape Kidnappers”, Hastings and Napier. We enjoyed our time and the suprisingly high temperatures. Read more!
Setha & Roddy
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After our time in Gizzy, we moved to our new wwoof-hosts Setha and Roddy, nearby Havelock North. They live a simple life, in their tiny home surrounded by green hills. Read more!
Going east
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Leaving our new friend in Opotiki, we headed eastwards. The fortune was not on our side when we approched the east cape. Read more!
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Time flies. Thats why the 2 weeks wwoofing passed by so quickly and we had to plan our new route. Read more!
Living the farm-life
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People? We haven’t seen any in the last couple of days. Thats why we thought it would be a good idea to wwoof. So we used our precious internet to text all hosts in the surrounding of Rotorua (where we’ve been at that time). It didn’t take long and we got our first replies. Read more!
Winter in New Zealand
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New Zealand is a place, where you can forget everything you knew about winter. As soon as the sun comes out and the temperature rises, you can enjoy your time on the beach and hike in beautiful nature. Read more!
My eyes are wide open #1
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  He took the endless path. Probably because he was used to it. Along darkness. Among his purposes – faith. Read more!
The Far North
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Leaving Thames and making our way to “Far North Coromandel” you could literally feel how lonely the region and roads get. You could count the cars passing us in a day on one hand. Read more!