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Called the Wetcoast, the name suggests what happens there a lot. Right, raining. Read more!
Forgotten to Forget
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Our base for all activities in the “Abel Tasman” and “Golden Bay” regions was Motueka. This little town is not very pretty or special, but somehow we ended up here every time. Read more!
“Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year” – delayed
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First of all, we are really sorry that it’s been so long since our last post. Somehow we never encountered a proper wlan spot in the last time and were very busy. Read more!
Split Apple
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Not far south of the “Abel Tasman NP” you can find an interesting looking rock. Like a split apple it lays in the sea and makes the perfect photo object. Read more!
Abel Tasman – Part II
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Even though the kayaks were picked up in the evening, we decided to walk for a couple more hours. It was quite a surprise to see how heavy our backpacks were. Read more!
Abel Tasman – Part I
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Following the coastline we came across Nelson and Motueka, where we made short stops and filled up our food supply. The weather got better with every day and soon it reached 25°C. Read more!
My eyes are wide open #2
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She moves. In need. The wind suddenly appears. The girl – astonished. It makes her feel again. Read more!
Fern Angel
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One old boat, caught my attention right from the first day we arrived at John and Ann. Read more!
Marlborough Sounds
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Taking the ferry to the south island, we were stunned by the view of the Marlborough Sounds. Read more!
Windy Welly
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Nature, nothing but nature was around us for the last couple of weeks.   Not that this is a bad thing but every so often we get attracted by the cities. It doesn’t matter in which city we went, they all have this magical way to make us spend money. Read more!