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Exploring the Catlins we came across countless beautiful sights. This rather cold region on the most southern part of the south island is full of nature. Read more!
Wwoofing in Dunedin
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After we’ve been quite a while on the road, around one month without a place to settle, we had the urge to wwoof again. Read more!
Otago Peninsula’s Wildlife
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If you’ve followed our trip for a long time, you may have wondered if there are any animals in New Zealand. We never actually published animal pictures, but believe it or not they exist there as well. Read more!
Moeraki Boulders
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Strange spheres lying on the dark beach. No one but us around them. Read more!
Lindis Pass
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Sometimes spontaneous decisions are the best ones. Driving over the scenic “Lindis Pass” the idea to climb one of the mountains around us, seemed quite adventurous. Read more!
Wonderful Wanaka
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“On 01.01.2016 we left the festival and went back to Wanaka, where we ended up sleeping all day…” When our bodies felt well rested we had some actual time to explore Wanaka. It’s a small atmospheric town right on the lake side with some pretty neat pubs and restaurants. Read more!
Tekapo and Pukaki
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This post is the perfect example for how far behind I actually am, writing new articles.   You remember the past christmas? Read more!
Inside You
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Did you know about the dark part in you? The part, which decides to do all these not very social and egoistic things. Most people have it and some don’t even realise it. Read more!
Around Christchurch
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Leaving the pass behind us, mountains got smaller and smaller, transforming into hills and eventually became flat farm land. In the end we reached Christchurch, Read more!
Pass Route
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Half way down the west coast our way led us east towards Arthur’s pass village, where we would have new hosts. Read more!