Milena Heuermann

Aureolehas a passion for writing. Particulary short stories but also poems.
She loves to tell the truth down on her paper.
Kind of showing her feelings on everything.


Out in the world  she learned how important it is, that we all have to be more open- minded and caring for each other, as it’s the way to be happy and to live impressive moments.

Travelling convinced her; we should be less feared of life. There is too much bad in this world and no way to change it while being afraid of it.

Sharing, “to give and receive”, is the key to everything, cause no one would be alone with their feelings.
She wants to change our world through her own experiences and ideas, which could give other people a new view on everything, so others do to her.

She wonders if there could be a time, when everyone works together for one aim.

Fingers crossed!